The Atlanta Public Safety Training Center

The City of Atlanta is building a new Public Safety Training Center to support its need for dedicated training space with modern facilities for personnel. The new center will provide better opportunities to train on more socially just models of policing and crisis intervention, as well as provide opportunities for better training for the Atlanta Fire Department. In addition, the Training Center will be integrated with the community, welcoming residents to its green spaces and making facilities available for community use.

The Facility is located in the South River Forest area of DeKalb County on 85 acres of land owned by the City of Atlanta. This ecologically vital land is important to our entire region, and good stewardship of the forest and watershed are top priorities during construction and into the future.
The South River Forest area is also historically significant as it has served multiple functions in the past.

The land also served as the site of the original Atlanta Police Academy, an explosive ordnance disposal site, and a landfill. The Stakeholder Advisory Committee and the Community Task Force is charged with studying and making recommendations about how to potentially recognize the history of the land.